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It’s too bad this is really just a concept – these features would be an awesome step forward in ‘green’ tech!

Uber-cool (and eco) PlayStation 4 design concept | Crave – CNET

But, alas – Sony has yet to announce anything about the next generation of the PlayStation so, I would imagine this is a bit further off than one might hope!


OK – if you’ve been reading along, you’ve noticed that I’ve been mostly writing about food and my vegan ‘adventures’.  Well, I do have a category setup for Stuff > Games!  And this is one that I’m actually excited about!

Dungeon Siege III just came out on Tuesday (6/21/2011) for PS3.

It’s not too often that I get excited for a game that’s coming out, besides the ‘blockbusters’ that I end up watching the husband play.  There are some that I truly enjoy watching (like the Assassins Creed series, inFamous and inFamous2 – which is what is monopolizing the PS3 at the moment).  That’s actually the reason we haven’t made it out to Best Buy to get Dungeon Siege III yet.  The husband just had a birthday last week, so he’s already on his second play-through of inFamous2 (being ‘evil’ this time around) so he’s not likely to relinquish the controller until he finishes this round of the game!

But, he did download the demo of this game for me last week – I played it and loved it!  It’s my kind of game!  It has an interesting story, a Dungeons & Dragons feel, and seems to play well.  The demo was even longer than I had expected – enough to really get me into the story, so I was kind of sad that I had to wait to get it (and I’ll have to start over since saving in the demo was disabled).  I know the reviews say that it’s only a ‘fair’ game, and it doesn’t live up to the previous incarnations of the game – I’m not a follower of the series, so I’m not sure if the previous ones are available on PS3.  If they are, I might check them out!  I think the fact that I’m not a ‘hard-core’ gamer – some games that are only ‘fair’ are ones that I really enjoy.  Kind of like some movies – if the reviews say it stinks, it’s probably a pretty good ‘everyman’ kind of movie.  It serves it’s purpose – to entertain!

I wish I could offer more of a review of the game – but as I don’t yet own it, I just wanted to share my excitement about the fact that it’s out and that I want to get it ASAP!!

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