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If you haven’t put too much thought into what you use to clean your home – maybe you should!

Clean Without the Chemicals: Understanding Cleaning Product Labels

This is a great article about what’s in common cleaning products and the dangers.  They even talk about what you use with your cleaning products… bet you never thought about what harmful chemicals were in the sponge you’re using to clean your kitchen counter!

If you’re looking to avoid the “Ingredients of Concern” – consider checking out Celadon Road cleaning products!  Any ingestion of most of our cleaning products can be diluted by drinking milk or water – there are no harmful chemicals in them.  You can even let your children in on helping with the cleaning chores – you don’t need to banish them from the room you’re cleaning because of the fumes created!


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This article caught my eye the other day.  I wish this was something that more companies thought of – and that AT&T would make more widespread!

The Talking Tree: AT&T Expands Local Network – Newark, CA Patch.

I love the fact that this cellular tower looks like a tree.  While it’s not a ‘perfect’ replica of a tree.  It is camouflaged enough to blend in to the other trees around it.  It doesn’t make an eyesore.  I would happily have more cell towers around if they made them blend in to the natural environment!

Talk about eyesores!  My town, for instance, decided a couple of years ago to paint all the water towers bright blue.  Which, I didn’t mind when it first happened. (The blue they chose just happens to be one of my favorite shades.)  But, after a few years now – they just seem to stick out of the skyline like a sore thumb!  Not to mention the cell phone array around them is not painted to match!  Most other towns have white/off white water towers with the town name at the top.  They blend in to the sky a bit better – in my opinion.  The town I grew up in (just two towns over) had the best plan for their water towers, I think – green for the bottom (among the trees) and white with the town name at the top.

Would you want a “Talking Tree” in your town?  Or, what would you like to see towns/companies put more thought into their design to fit into the area?

It’s too bad this is really just a concept – these features would be an awesome step forward in ‘green’ tech!

Uber-cool (and eco) PlayStation 4 design concept | Crave – CNET

But, alas – Sony has yet to announce anything about the next generation of the PlayStation so, I would imagine this is a bit further off than one might hope!

Sometimes I wish I could re-wind and do things over.  Not that I’d want my kids or husband to disappear (at least not permanently 😉  But sometimes I wish I could have the focus and intentions that I have now back when I was in high school and college – I probably would have made different choices along the way.

Get ready for a greener future – Business –

I think it is excellent that colleges are starting to train more in this area.  Environmental awareness is a really big deal.  Whether you ‘believe’ in global warming or not – it’s still important to try to reduce the current population’s human ‘foot print’ on the world, I think!  That’s part of what spurred me to get involved with Celadon Road.  If I can do better by my family, and share eco-friendly products with others who will hopefully choose to do the same I think the wold will be a better place!

Gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles Improving Faster Than Expected | My Blog.

This is good news!

“Electric cars will undoubtedly play an increasingly large role in many countries’ plans in the decades ahead as energy independence and environmental concerns intensify,” said Xavier Mosquet, a senior partner in the firm’s Detroit office, global co-leader of BCG’s Automotive practice, and lead author of the report.  “But they will gain only modest ground to 2020. Gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles are improving faster than expected and will continue to dominate the global landscape.

As the proud owners of two diesel vehicles – a 2000 Volkswagen Golf TDI, which averages 46 MPG with 115,000+ miles on it and a 2010 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI, which averages 38 MPG (in daily errand driving, usually less than 20 miles round-trip with much stop and go).  The Golf recently got a nice facelift with some rust repair (we do live in the Mid-west – so we have salt to contend with in the winter) and a new paint color, so it’s almost like a new car!

I’m a big fan of diesel power!  Volkswagen-Audi Group does it well with their TDI models.  They’re definitely not the stinky, clanky, black-smoke puffing vehicles that many people remember from the past.  Even in just the last 10 years they have made huge strides in making a diesel vehicle much more owner friendly!  And thankfully, diesel has become a bit more of a ‘household name’ so that finding gas stations that also have passenger vehicle diesel pumps is actually relatively easy!

So, if you’re looking for a new car – investigate diesel!

Sorry,  I feel like I fell off my blog there for a few days!  I had a fun holiday weekend and then decided to sign up as an Independent Consultant for Celadon Road (an eco-friendly direct sales company), suddenly here we are – it’s already (almost) Friday.  I hate when summer weeks just fly by and you don’t know where they went!  I have a few articles I’ve seen over the last few days that I’ve saved for posting – but just hadn’t gotten around to fully reading and writing my thoughts to share them!  So, here goes!  Don’t worry, I’m not going to bombard you with articles… I’ll sprinkle them in over the next few days.

Sustainable Animal Products: An Oxymoron | One Green Planet

This article really caught my eye – one of the things that really grabbed me and got me to start thinking about becoming vegan was the chapter in Veganist, by Kathy Freston, that focused on the environmental impact of factory farming.  I was shocked and appalled at the facts about the environmental effects that farming these animals has on our environment.

Everyone is worried about creating the next best hybrid car – when more change could be affected by not having to feed and ‘house’ cattle for the purpose of eating!  Just think, they’re animals – just like you.  What happens when you eat food? Well, the cattle (and the chickens, and the pigs etc.) have to do that too!  All that waste and gas has to go somewhere!

So you want to have ‘happy’ cattle (or chickens or pigs etc.) – well, that means they need more land to graze, to move, to be ‘free’.  That’s taking away land from the natural ecosystem in the area.  Not to mention what a herd of cattle does to a field… they eat it!

I know many people who do their best to do their part for the environment – recycling, ride-sharing, even just unplugging and remembering to turn off lights – but I’m sure most of them don’t think about the ‘cost’ of their hamburger or pork chop!

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