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I went outside to check on my garden again today.  Unfortunately, it seems that the zucchini thinks it owns the entire plot and is trying to evict the romaine and bell peppers!  I may end up with just the one solitary yellow pepper that is far enough from the zucchini to still have a chance for some sun!  And, I’m not doing anything to fertilize this garden, just letting it grow and trying to keep the weeds at bay!  I also apparently have no idea how I’m supposed to ‘string up’ the sweet peas, but they seem to be growing just fine despite this failure!  Here’s what I was able to ‘harvest’ today…

Yes, that’s a quarter and that’s the strawberry that was still good.  There was one that was slightly bigger, but it had already started to rot (or was being munched on by a bird or bugs).  There are still more peas growing and a few strawberries on the other plant – hopefully I’ll catch them before they rot… I want to share this deliciousness at least once with each member of my family!  I rinsed off this itty-bitty strawberry and took a bite (which was the whole thing)… BAM!  WOW… now that’s a strawberry!  It had more tasty flavor than an entire package from the grocery store combined!  If I only get 3 more of those to share with the kids and the husband, I’ll be happy!  (And, next year I’ll plant more strawberries!!)

I decided to de-shell the peas, de-pod the peas, shuck the peas?  I’m not sure what the correct term is here… but these peas seemed to be fully grown, and the pods were kind of thin and ‘squishy’… i.e. not very appetizing.  Although, I actually ate the one on the far left as is, pod and all because the peas didn’t seem quite as ‘ripe’ as the others.  I brought the tiny bowl of 13 peas over to the kids to try.  The boy LOVED them, and I had to stop him from grabbing them all with one hand and eating them.  The girl ate one, and said it was sweet “like sugar” but didn’t want any more.  I left a few for the husband to have once he gets home.

The romaine (that’s not affected by the unruly zucchini plant) is getting close to being done (based on the ‘mature in’ time-frame listed on the tag) and it feels like it’s getting firm, and I can see one of the cauliflower heads starting to form.  So, we’ll probably have a day or two of good salads from that!  Otherwise, I think we’ll just have some nice little snacks (and probably a boatload of zucchini to eat and give away!)

What’s you’re favorite thing to eat straight out of the garden?


I have to admit, shortly after deciding on transitioning to vegan, I decided – “I should plant a garden this year!” We made a garden plot in our yard several years ago with left over bricks from our patio. Our backyard is pretty sloped and not huge, so we had to ‘build’ a flat area for the garden. It’s about 8 ft by 4 ft – nothing huge. For the first couple summers it really was just a weed garden – and I would occasionally throw veggie scraps out there. Last year, my mother-in-law had some volunteer tomato plants that she really wanted to give a home. Our garden was in no state for planting! She volunteered to take the time to clean it out and plant the tomatoes. She spent an entire day out there pulling out the weeds and planted 4 tomatoes. Unfortunately, we had no fencing, so those poor little tomato plants didn’t stand a chance against the rabbits! They were all but gone the next morning! And, the weeds quickly filled back in. I didn’t pay much attention to the garden until fall. Amazingly, one afternoon I noticed a strange green thing hanging out the side of the garden… what’s this?


It’s a tiny pumpkin! Holy moly! Where’d that come from?? Apparently I had put the two ‘baking pumpkins’ that the kids got at pre-school the fall before out there and the seeds took! So, I did some investigating in the weeds. There were a few more things that managed to grow in the garden!

Tomato Harvest 2010

There were even 3 tomatoes that managed to survive. There were a few more that had grown, fallen off and rotted – because I wasn’t tending the garden. These were delicious on tacos!

Pumpkin Harvest 2010

Then came Thanksgiving 2010… I had a ‘homegrown’ pumpkin pie! It turns out there were 2 pumpkins growing out there… who would have thought! I may have picked them a little early, but I roasted both of them and made them into a pie – they were delicious!

Fast forward to spring 2011! I was feeling very motivated one day while the kids were at school, and so I cleaned the weeds out of the garden yet again. Then I ventured out to Home Depot to get garden soil, since most of what was filling the garden was back fill clay, gravel, and some dirt that was moved out from the back yard when we put in a retaining wall. I knew we needed a ‘healthy’ top layer! So, I bought enough organic garden soil to fill a couple of inches deep and help mix in to the existing soil. That weekend, I went to Lowe’s and bought my garden plants – I had nothing in particular in mind, but I kind of knew I actually didn’t want tomatoes this year. I’m not a huge tomato fan, and at the time I didn’t feel like I would use them, so I didn’t want them to go to waste. So, on May 21st, 2011 I planted my garden…

My Garden - May 21, 2011

I planted 8 romaine lettuce, 4 cauliflower, 2 strawberries, 8 sweet peas, 2 red bell pepper, 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 zucchini, and 4 sweet corn plants. Oh, and a fence… this year I got a fence! And, the rabbits have stayed out!

Here’s what it looks like today…


Sweet Peas

baby Yellow Bell Pepper


My Garden - June 21, 2011

I’ve done nothing but water a few times, thankfully we’ve had rain regularly so I haven’t had to impact our water bill, and I pull out the grass and weeds that keep trying to invade every few days. I really haven’t been so proud of something in a long time! I can’t wait until I can start picking things – although I did steal a ‘not quite ready’ sweet pea the other day – it was deliciously sweet! The zucchini is doing amazing – I have a feeling I’m going to have way more zucchini than I know what to do with! And, I’m hoping that the romaine and bell peppers on that side manage to survive despite the zucchini monopolizing that corner!

Are you a gardener? How’s your garden growing?

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