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I live in the Midwest, so it gets cold and dry here in a hurry after Halloween.  So, I’m already getting that itchy, dry ‘winter leg ‘ syndrome after shaving.  But, I’m so thankful that I have Celadon Road in my life.  Celadon Road has the ‘trifecta of love’ for your Winter Legs!
Start by massaging your legs with our Lavender Peppermint Salt Scrub – A Botanical Vacation From the Ordinary. Calmly invigorating, our lavender peppermint salt scrub naturally exfoliates and softens with the refreshing quality of a trip to the spa. Formulated using Certified Organic ingredients, this botanical vacation from the ordinary will recharge you! (Also available in Geranium & Palmarosa Sugar, Lemongrass Ginger Salt, Sweet Orange Cardamom Sugar, and Sweet Orange, Cinnamon & Clove Sugar Scrubs) No need to rinse yet – go ahead and shave.

Wash with our Peppermint Shower Gel – Minty Fresh. Wash cloth, sponge, loofah…No matter how you apply our peppermint shower gel, you won’t be disappointed! Gentle enough for all skin types and infused with a refreshing scent, you will feel invigorated with the very first shower! (Also available in Lavender, Lemongrass, Orange, and Unscented)

Finally, moisturize with our Body Butter – now available in a convenient tube! Healthy Planet, Healthy You! Smother yourself in pure nourishment! Using only gentle, natural and Certified Organic ingredients, our body butter is more than just lotion, it’s a support system for what the body does best…keep you healthy! Created with the notion that the health of the body and the planet go hand in hand, we’ve left out the harsh, artificial and synthetic ingredients when creating this ultimate hydrating moisturizer. Minimally processed, hypoallergenic and cruelty free.

And, bonus – you give yourself a mini-spa treatment for your hands too! Give your legs (and hands) some love this winter with Celadon Road! Shop online for your ‘trifecta of love’ today –


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