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The Talking Tree: AT&T Expands Local Network – Newark, CA Patch

Posted on: August 1, 2011

This article caught my eye the other day.  I wish this was something that more companies thought of – and that AT&T would make more widespread!

The Talking Tree: AT&T Expands Local Network – Newark, CA Patch.

I love the fact that this cellular tower looks like a tree.  While it’s not a ‘perfect’ replica of a tree.  It is camouflaged enough to blend in to the other trees around it.  It doesn’t make an eyesore.  I would happily have more cell towers around if they made them blend in to the natural environment!

Talk about eyesores!  My town, for instance, decided a couple of years ago to paint all the water towers bright blue.  Which, I didn’t mind when it first happened. (The blue they chose just happens to be one of my favorite shades.)  But, after a few years now – they just seem to stick out of the skyline like a sore thumb!  Not to mention the cell phone array around them is not painted to match!  Most other towns have white/off white water towers with the town name at the top.  They blend in to the sky a bit better – in my opinion.  The town I grew up in (just two towns over) had the best plan for their water towers, I think – green for the bottom (among the trees) and white with the town name at the top.

Would you want a “Talking Tree” in your town?  Or, what would you like to see towns/companies put more thought into their design to fit into the area?


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