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Get ready for a greener future – Business –

Posted on: July 18, 2011

Sometimes I wish I could re-wind and do things over.  Not that I’d want my kids or husband to disappear (at least not permanently 😉  But sometimes I wish I could have the focus and intentions that I have now back when I was in high school and college – I probably would have made different choices along the way.

Get ready for a greener future – Business –

I think it is excellent that colleges are starting to train more in this area.  Environmental awareness is a really big deal.  Whether you ‘believe’ in global warming or not – it’s still important to try to reduce the current population’s human ‘foot print’ on the world, I think!  That’s part of what spurred me to get involved with Celadon Road.  If I can do better by my family, and share eco-friendly products with others who will hopefully choose to do the same I think the wold will be a better place!


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