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The cocktail of up to 20 chemicals in a glass of milk | Mail Online

Posted on: July 13, 2011

The cocktail of up to 20 chemicals in a glass of milk | Mail Online.

Yet another reason for my choice to go vegan.  Thankfully, my kids have pretty well accepted the almond milk that we now have exclusively in our fridge.  And, while they won’t really just drink a cup of it – there’s really no need to anyway.  But, they’ll have it with their cereal and even drink what’s left at the bottom of the bowl.

“The doses of drugs were far too small to have an effect on anyone drinking them, but the results highlight how man-made chemicals are now found throughout the food chain.

The highest quantities of medicines were found in cow’s milk.”

That quote is was is scariest to me.  While the doses were “too small to have an effect” – think about how many glasses of milk, bowls of cereal, ice cream, milk shakes, how much cheese you’ve had over your lifetime!  Those doses will start to add up in your system too!


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