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Top 10 Foods For Transitioning Vegans | Vegan Mainstream

Posted on: July 12, 2011

I’m probably only missing 3 of these top 10 – and that’s just because I haven’t tried them yet!  The link below will take you to the article that talks about the nutritional (and yum) benefits of these items.  I’m just going to mention my experience with each here.

Top 10 Foods For Transitioning Vegans | Vegan Mainstream

Daiya Vegan CheeseI found this one pretty early on!  This is definitely a favorite of mine! Because I must say, I’m a cheese lover.  Again, I thought cheese would be the hardest thing to give up (and it still is, mostly because it’s in everything when you go out to eat!)

Quinoa – this is one of my 3.  I have a box of this in my pantry.  I have yet to actually try cooking it though.  I’m not sure why?  Maybe I’ve just been waiting for just the right recipe to try it with.

Hummus.  I LOVE hummus!  It’s one of my favorite snack items, I tend to buy it instead of making it myself though.  So I tend not to get it that often.  I should put the ingredients for that on my shopping list though!

Kale – another of my 3.  But, that being said – I just got a bunch of kale from our CSA pickup this week.  So, I’m going to be forced to give it a try!

Nutritional yeast.  I haven’t done too much with this yet, but I do have a container of it.  The last time I used it was last week actually in my No Recipe Required Spaghetti.  I added it to the marinara sauce to add a little ‘cheesy’ flavor.  The husband still added some grated parmesan to his bowl, but I thought it added a nice little salty, nutty flavor to the sauce.  It also made it look just a bit creamier.

Chia seeds – and here’s the 3rd.  I hadn’t ever heard of these.  But, on my last grocery trip to Whole Foods, I was in the baking aisle and looking at all the Bob’s Red Mill items and I saw these.  I remembered seeing them listed here.  I didn’t  buy them, this time.  Maybe next time!

Almond milk.  I add almond milk to my “LOVE” category!  I remember trying soy milk when it first started becoming available, and thought it wasn’t too bad – especially the vanilla and chocolate flavored versions.  But since then, I’ve gotten to know and love almond milk.  My brand favorite is Trader Joe’s – and their price is reasonable too!  I also have some raw almonds, and when I saw how relatively easy it is to make almond milk yourself, I’m going to give it a try… eventually!

Protein powder.  This is in the category of “I know of it, but I’m bad about using it”!  Even in the past, I’ve bought protein powder for myself, but I tend to forget to use it!  This is something that I should probably start to get to know better, as I’m still working on getting the kids to eat their legumes!  This way I can sneak some protein into the things that they will eat (like marinara sauce)!

Tofu.  I’m a tofu fan!  I have been for a long time!  However, I’m still working at becoming a skilled ‘user’ of tofu.  I love it when I order it at restaurants, but I can’t ever seem to get it to come out like that at home!  It’s usually mushy – and therefore the husband and kids just aren’t fans.  I usually have to buy the baked varieties from Trader Joe’s and just use those in my meals.

Coconut milk ice cream.  I’m glad I found this one early on.  Ice cream is right up there along with cheese on “things I wasn’t sure I’d be able to live without.”  And, while sorbet and frozen fruit bars are nice on a hot day… there’s just something about a nice creamy bowl of ice cream that hits the spot some days!  Coconut milk ice cream really hits the spot!


2 Responses to "Top 10 Foods For Transitioning Vegans | Vegan Mainstream"

Great post, I have all of these in my kitchen and all have been useful! Reading about veganism, vegan nutrition, and lifestyle AND getting some great vegan cookbooks have really helped me with an easy transition!

Two of my faves on your list are kale and quinoa! And I’ve wanted to find chia seeds, so I’ll check Whole Foods. Hope you like the kale.
Also glad to hear you like Diaya, haven’t had it but wanted to try it (and cheese is the one thing keeping me from being vegan).

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