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Veggie Overload!

Posted on: July 8, 2011

I feel like I might be entering veggie overload!  I had to fully harvest my romaine lettuces from the garden today, they were starting to bolt! (I had to look it up, and didn’t realize that I could have harvested leaves from the outside all this time!) Of the 8 I planted, I got 3 heads.  One on the non-zucchini side split into two and was kind of weird, I took a taste and the lettuce was terribly bitter!  Then the 4 heads on the zucchini side of the garden never had a chance!  They were small, wilted, and starting to rot… boo! Oh well…Live and learn!  Next year, either no zucchini… or only zucchini!

I also decided to take a leap of expense, and joined the local CSA – Green Earth Institute.  Every week for the next 18 weeks I’ll get to pickup fresh veggies!  Today is my first pick-up.  So it will be interesting to see what I get!  Time to start cooking at home!! And, we’ll be having quite a few salads over the next few days!  Hopefully I’ll get some good salad fixings from my CSA pick-up today!

The good news about harvesting the romaine is that it opened up space on that corner of the garden.  So, I’ve decided to try to transplant my Red Bell Pepper plants to the open corner of the garden.  Neither of them had any peppers growing yet – so hopefully they’ll survive being moved, and they’ll be out of the ‘shadow’ of the monster zucchini plant.  The yellow pepper plant is staying put… it has a pretty nice looking pepper growing on it!


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