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Something different this year…

Posted on: June 30, 2011

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays – I grew up going to credit: local parade, hanging out with my family (trying to stay cool during what is usually a horrible heat wave in Chicago-land during this time of year), and then attending the fireworks at night.  Our ‘local’ fireworks were always a sight to see, 3 pretty large towns would combine their budgets and put on quite the show!  And, as I still live in the same area – those fireworks were familiar, so even though we had moved out of that town, we were still close enough to go to those fireworks for the first few years.

The last couple years we’ve gone down a new path to our town’s picnic and fireworks.  We have almost our own “neighborhood picnic” at the public picnic and fireworks.  The neighbors would all band together and sign up to bring tents, food, and games to the local golf course that hosts the picnic and fireworks.  The kids all play and we spend the afternoon and evening hanging out with friends and enjoying the weather and fun!

This year we’re doing something a little different.  We’re headed out-of-town… about 3 hours to the north-west.  The husband’s Aunt and Grandma live near Galena, IL – technically Elizabeth, IL.  We’re headed out there on Sunday, partly so the husband can help do some work tearing up their deck so that it can be rebuilt, but also for a visit.  They moved back to Illinois from Montana about a year and a half ago, and we haven’t taken the kids out to visit more than a couple of times – and just for the day (which is a long day with kids in the car for 6 hours round trip!)  We are going to try “camping”… really just sleeping in the tent in their yard overnight… but I’m not sure the weather is going to co-operate with that plan, at least not Sunday night anyway.  But, we’re going to stay there for the holiday as well.  It’s just not the 4th of July to me if we don’t see fireworks so the Aunt found out about fireworks that are happening in the area, so we’re going to go see some other fireworks this year!

I’m nervous and excited about the new experience!  The kids usually look forward to the fireworks – and I hope making this special trip will be fun for them!  I know they’re looking forward to ‘camping’ and I sure hope the weather clears up for the weekend so that they can have their ‘camping’ experience!

What are your favorite 4th of July traditions – do you have a big party, just family, or try to stay home?


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