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Review: Galaxy Nutritional Foods Veggie Classic Plain Dairy Free Cream Cheese Alternative

Posted on: June 28, 2011

Cream Cheese Alternative… yum?  I tried the Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese and I have to admit, I’m not really a fan of that one (taste or consistency).  So, when I was shopping at my local Jewel (which I have another post about my disappointment with my local Jewel later) I saw this cream cheese ‘replacement’ in the produce department with the other ‘plant based’ food replacements.

Galaxy Nutritional Foods Veggie Cream Cheese

Now, when I found the link for Galaxy Nutritional Foods I noticed that they have “Vegan Classic Plain Non-Dairy Cream Cheese Alternative”.  Now, I read the ingredients on this Veggie one and didn’t see anything that wasn’t vegan… maybe it’s a ‘hidden’ non-vegan ingredient.  But, I bought it – I’m gonna use it!  And, use it I will!  This is a delicious cream cheese alternative!  Once this one is used up I’ll have to try to find the “Vegan” version and hopefully it will live up to this one.

While the color in the container is a little off-putting, it’s slightly on the gray side, once it’s spread on a bagel (Thomas’ Whole Wheat is vegan) it looks just like traditional cream cheese.  It’s nice and creamy, and spreads easily!  The taste is amazing!  While the Tofutti has a slightly ‘different’ flavor that you might expect from cream cheese – this one really tastes 99% like standard dairy cream cheese!

The husband tried it first – and gave that “oh no” when he first took it out of the fridge.  But then he said it was surprisingly good.  So, the next morning I tried it on a bagel – I was also pleasantly surprised!  As I mentioned above, I’m going to try to find the “Vegan” variety next time I shop – but if I can’t, this will definitely be my ‘cream cheese’ of choice!

My rating A+!!


4 Responses to "Review: Galaxy Nutritional Foods Veggie Classic Plain Dairy Free Cream Cheese Alternative"

I had the same question and found out it is vegan! Just a different brand name (Veggie vs. Vegan). Vegan is generally sold in natural stores and Veggie in regular grocery. But both products are vegan.

I love this stuff. It’s definitely the best I’ve tasted. I think that Galaxy says there’s no difference between the “Vegetarian” and “Vegan”, but I don’t remember if they mentioned the reason for the different labels. I can find this at Healthy Horizons in Hammond, Indiana, but couldn’t find it at the Jewel in Dyer, Indiana, despite it being listed on the Galaxy Web site. They didn’t seem to have any idea what I was asking for. I’ve asked other stores to carry it. It’s *so* good!

I actually was contacted by Galaxy – and they said that there are two lines for store distribution purposes.

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