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Garden Harvest… if you can call it that

Posted on: June 28, 2011

I went outside to check on my garden again today.  Unfortunately, it seems that the zucchini thinks it owns the entire plot and is trying to evict the romaine and bell peppers!  I may end up with just the one solitary yellow pepper that is far enough from the zucchini to still have a chance for some sun!  And, I’m not doing anything to fertilize this garden, just letting it grow and trying to keep the weeds at bay!  I also apparently have no idea how I’m supposed to ‘string up’ the sweet peas, but they seem to be growing just fine despite this failure!  Here’s what I was able to ‘harvest’ today…

Yes, that’s a quarter and that’s the strawberry that was still good.  There was one that was slightly bigger, but it had already started to rot (or was being munched on by a bird or bugs).  There are still more peas growing and a few strawberries on the other plant – hopefully I’ll catch them before they rot… I want to share this deliciousness at least once with each member of my family!  I rinsed off this itty-bitty strawberry and took a bite (which was the whole thing)… BAM!  WOW… now that’s a strawberry!  It had more tasty flavor than an entire package from the grocery store combined!  If I only get 3 more of those to share with the kids and the husband, I’ll be happy!  (And, next year I’ll plant more strawberries!!)

I decided to de-shell the peas, de-pod the peas, shuck the peas?  I’m not sure what the correct term is here… but these peas seemed to be fully grown, and the pods were kind of thin and ‘squishy’… i.e. not very appetizing.  Although, I actually ate the one on the far left as is, pod and all because the peas didn’t seem quite as ‘ripe’ as the others.  I brought the tiny bowl of 13 peas over to the kids to try.  The boy LOVED them, and I had to stop him from grabbing them all with one hand and eating them.  The girl ate one, and said it was sweet “like sugar” but didn’t want any more.  I left a few for the husband to have once he gets home.

The romaine (that’s not affected by the unruly zucchini plant) is getting close to being done (based on the ‘mature in’ time-frame listed on the tag) and it feels like it’s getting firm, and I can see one of the cauliflower heads starting to form.  So, we’ll probably have a day or two of good salads from that!  Otherwise, I think we’ll just have some nice little snacks (and probably a boatload of zucchini to eat and give away!)

What’s you’re favorite thing to eat straight out of the garden?


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