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Review: Lightlife Smart Bacon

Posted on: June 26, 2011

I bought this a few shopping trips ago, and finally made it with breakfast this morning.  Lightlife Smart Bacon Strips these are vegan (some of the other Lightlife products aren’t actually vegan because of egg or milk additives.)

Lightlife Smart Bacon Style Strips

I followed the package instructions, heated in a skillet over medium heat sprayed with cooking spray.  Mind didn’t exactly end up looking all nice and ‘wavy’ like the package…

Cooked Lightlife Smart Bacon

We’ve been a turkey bacon family forever.  The husband didn’t eat pork, and I just preferred turkey bacon – particularly Louis Rich (now Oscar Mayer) turkey bacon.  It’s also less messy to cook!  Anyway, that’s what my brain is comparing this to.  So, I snatched one off the plate just after it came out of the pan – pretty good!  Not really ‘crispy’ but a nice salty, smokey flavor – what you’d expect a ‘bacon’ product to taste like!  A serving size is technically 1… but there’s a comedian who did a bit about Fig Newtons and their serving size being just 1 cookie “Who are you kidding?  I eat them by the sleeve!” That skit popped into my head!  And, they’re only 20 calories a slice, so I had another while I was cooking the pancakes.  This one was OK, still on the ‘good’ side of OK though.  Then as I finished up the pancakes, I had another.  They had sat on the plate for a little while now, and were starting to cool.  This third taste, definitely only OK.  Then one last one with my pancakes – and by this time they were room temperature.  So, I’m not sure if 4 slices was just a couple too many or the fact that they were ‘cold’ – but definitely not a favorite by then!  The husband says they kind of taste like pepperoni (not that he really ate pepperoni before, since it’s pork, but they do have a similar taste to turkey pepperoni) – so I think they’re a little spicy in order to give them the flavor that they would otherwise be lacking, especially since they’re not super salty.

Overall, I’d give these a B-.  They’re pretty good hot out of the pan, but once they’re cold they’re not great.  They might be OK on a sandwich, or chopped and added to a salad (but I have Tastefully Simple Bacon Bacon for that!)  I have a recipe for tempeh ‘bacon’ that I want to try before I decide on buying these again.

*This is purely my opinion – I purchased this product for my family.  It is in no way sponsored or endorsed by the company who makes this product*


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