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Review: Amy’s Kitchen Frozen Black Bean Tamale Verde with Rice

Posted on: June 22, 2011

Personally, I think Amy’s Kitchen makes some of the best dairy free vegan frozen meals out there!  There’s such a range of options from different ethnic food styles – you could eat your lunch in a different country each day!  All of their meals are vegetarian which is a great start (and great for my husband’s lunches to take to work!)  Although, some are better made in the oven versus the microwave.  And, I don’t know about you – but especially in the summer I’m not going to heat up my oven to make a little frozen meal (and wait 45 minutes to an hour for it to cook!)  This one in particular turns out great in the microwave!

The Black Bean Tamale Verde with Rice is one of my absolute favorites!

Amy's Black Bean Tamale Verde with Rice

While it’s a little high in sodium (but really, how many frozen meals aren’t?) But, no worse than the non-vegan options out there.  They even have a non-dairy frozen mac and cheese.

When I was on one of my first ‘vegan specific’ shopping trips at Whole Foods I was staring down the frozen food cabinet with all the Amy’s Kitchen options.  A mother came along with her two kids and started piling her cart full of these frozen mac and cheese meals, leaving just a couple on the shelf.  I noticed this (as I was shopping by myself, and had a chance to notice) and asked her “Is that mac and cheese really that good?”  She said that it’s no Kraft or Stouffer’s, but her daughter is allergic to milk so it’s really one of the few mac and cheese options she has that she’ll actually eat!  And, the store gives a ‘bakers dozen’ discount on anything in the store… if you buy 12 you get the 13th free, so she said she stocks up each month!  I couldn’t resist and grabbed one for myself to try, you know what… it wasn’t too bad!

I just did a quick search on their website for ‘vegan’ meals… there are 108 products that cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner (including pizza and kids meals)!  I’ll have to print the list and try as many as I can get my hands on!  The other thing I love about Amy’s… they’re readily available at my local stores (Jewel, Target, Meijer, and Food4Less).  Those stores don’t have the variety that Whole Foods carries – but between them I can usually find what I want!  Unfortunately, for my husband’s lunches – they’re a bit more pricey than the Healthy Choice Steamer Bowls that I was buying, but they’re still cheaper than a trip to the local burrito restaurant every day!

So, if you think you want to try a vegan meal – but don’t want to cook it from scratch yourself… give Amy’s a try!

*This is purely my opinion – I purchased this product for my family.  It is in no way sponsored or endorsed by the company who makes this product*


1 Response to "Review: Amy’s Kitchen Frozen Black Bean Tamale Verde with Rice"

I love Amy’s when in a pinch, too. They are really tasty. Years ago on Unwrapped I saw a segment that showed they make the food just like you would at home (all from scratch/homemade) and freeze it right after cooked. I think that’s why they taste a little better, possibly.

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