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Review: Enjoy Life: Chewy On-The-Go Bars

Posted on: June 19, 2011

*The following is purely my opinion – I purchased this product for my family.  It is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Enjoy Life*

I picked these up at Whole Foods a few weeks back in place of our usual NutriGrain Cereal Bars.  I also then found them at Target.  I think the picture on the box is a bit of “ideal advertising”.  The bars don’t really look like that.  They’re a bit shorter and fatter.  They have 4 flavors, of which I’ve tried 3 – the Caramel Apple, Very Berry, and Cocoa Loco.  The Sunbutter Crunch (no nuts) is the only one we haven’t tried yet – maybe next shopping trip!

Personally, I think they’re a little on the dry side.  But, the flavor is really pretty nice.  They make a nice quick snack option when you feel like munching on something.  In terms of my kids opinions – they’re split yet again.  The boy loves them and doesn’t discriminate on the flavor – he likes them all (at least that I’ve bought so far.)  The girl however, has only tried the Cocoa Loco one and didn’t like it.  But it’s not really as chocolatey as a kid (with a sweet tooth – like mom’s) would like.  Because she didn’t like the cocoa one, I haven’t been able to get her to try the other flavors, so it might be a texture issue with her too.

Overall, I’d rate these a B.  They’re a nice pantry staple for snacks when the kids want a ‘granola bar’.


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